arthritis aware

We’re on a mission to spark more conversations about arthritis in dogs!

We have launched an exciting new pet owner website. The Arthritis AWARE website is full of engaging content, including how to spot early signs and education about the condition, helping owners to best care for a dog diagnosed with arthritis.

Our campaign aims to spark conversations about osteoarthritis and raise awareness of early OA among owners to create more opportunities for you to diagnose and treat dogs with arthritis and improve their outcome.


did you know two in five young dogs have arthritis? yet most owners haven't noticed

How many conversations about canine arthritis have you had today?

Watch our campaign video to find out more.

Let's get the conversation started!

How many conversations about canine arthritis have you had today? Click to view the video
arthritis aware

A is for Appearance

Hi I'm Alfie, and even though I'm only 4 years old I'm living in pain. I don't make a fuss of it as I want to please my owner but I can't mask the way I'm sitting, and the way my head bobs when I walk. It's my aim to give owners simple things to look out for in the appearance of their dogs, so they don't suffer in silence like me.

Alfie the dog, in front of a large printed A

W is for Walking

Hi there, I'm Willow, and I've always loved going for long walks in the country but after a while I now feel stiff and in discomfort - so I can't keep up with my owner even if want to! I'll be showing owners how to spot the signs of arthritis in their dog when they're on walks so they are aware that lagging behind may mean their dog is in pain, and not just being lazy!

Willow the dog, in front of a large printed W

A is for Attitude

I'm Axel, I'm old and I'm grumpy. I mean I've always had a grumpy looking face, and have had a preference for a quiet life with little fuss, but my owner hasn't noticed that I'm even grumpier these days. Not just because I'm old, or he's turned the cricket off the telly, but because life feels like a struggle when your joints ache all the time. I'm going to show owners the difference between being grumpy and the changes in behaviour that means dogs like me may need to see the vet, even though I don't like the fuss.

Axel the dog, in front of a large printed A

R is for Reluctance

I'm Roxy, or 'Retired Police Dog Roxy and chief bad guy chaser' to use my full title. I loved my work and didn't want to retire, but in latter years I haven't felt as capable of chasing down the criminals, and heaven forbid they would ever get away. So I had to do the right thing and make my pain and reluctance known and allowing newer recruits to take over. I now have a new purpose, to share my story and help owners understand that their dogs being reluctant to do their usual tasks may be a sign they're trying to tell them something.

Roxy the dog, in front of a large, printed R

E is for Environment

Eddie's the name, and living life at 1000 miles an hour is the game. Problem is, my owner thinks it's funny when I can't make it round a full lap of the flat we live in super fast, because of that slippy wood flooring he's laid! It's like an a ice rink .... and they don't make ice skates that come in paw size! So I'll be telling the humans all about the things in their world that can make it difficult for us dogs and how they can cause undue stress and pressure on our joints, increasing the possible risks of developing osteoarthritis later in life.

Eddie the dog, in front of a large printed E

We have a brand new series of Canine Arthritis webinars: Episodes 1-6 are available for you to watch now

  1. The Clinical Scientist’s Perspective: Take a deep look

  2. The Epidemiologist’s Perspective: Tackle the root causes

  3. The Orthopaedic Surgeon’s Perspective: Get one step ahead

  4. The Behaviourist’s Perspective: Get inside your patient’s head

  5. The Dog Owner’s Perspective: Walking in the owner’s shoes

  6. The Primary Care Perspective: Establishing a successful team approach

Watch here
Webinar series - canine osteoarthritis - take a new perspective